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Beyond Imagination

Led by award-winning game designer Randy Smith (Thief, Deus EX, Spiders) and BAFTA-winning art director Viktor Antonov (Half-Life 2, Dishonored), Darewise Entertainment is a creative studio based in Paris. We imagine and develop ambitious IP around innovative game concepts with a strong expertise on game-as-a-service virtual worlds for PC and consoles.
Our team focuses on delivering best in class prototypes and pre-production and then partners with experienced studios to bring our games into the players’ hands.


Meet the Core team

We are a fun mix of designers and strategists with a great passion for all things creative.

Randy Smith
Chief Creative Officer

Randy Smith is a creative director, game designer, and writer with 19 years of experience working with AAA game studios including an Electronic Arts collaboration with Steven Spielberg, key innovators such as Looking Glass and Arkane, and his own award-winning indie studio Tiger Style, creators of the 2012 sci-fi, ecosystem Mobile Game of the Year, Waking Mars.

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Viktor Antonov
Chief Artistic Officer

Viktor is renowned for creating compelling fictional worlds that combine beauty with striking realism. In his 20 years in the entertainment industry he has designed and art directed blockbuster game such as Half Life 2, Dishonored, Fallout 4, and DOOM, and movies like The Prodigies and Renaissance.

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Vincent Marty
Executive Producer

After a successful entrepreneurship experience in the field of online gambling, Vincent joined Ubisoft to develop the business of digital and free-2-play games. He led the digital marketing group then the digital sales operations before joining Darewise Entertainment.

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Benjamin Charbit
Founder, CEO

First investment banker, Benjamin was soon overtaken by his passion for video games. He joined Ubisoft and cut his teeth as a Live Content Producer and Director on Assassin’s Creed before creating Darewise Entertainment.

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Our values


Remaining at the forefront of trends and technology, we approach every subject, from design to communication with a fresh eye.


Our expertise in the gaming industry, we partner with the best talent to complete each project in a tailor-made way


Because trust is the product of transparency, we communicate every step of our projects with the utmost integrity.


Quality and efficiency are our watchwords. We are very demanding with ourselves in order to offer always most accomplished experiences.


Darewise is expanding its talented team. Join us in our mission to create the best possible concepts.

Senior Tech Artist

We are looking for an enthusiastic, talented and versatile Senior Technical Artist! If you want to make a difference and work on products that matter to players, you belong with us. Our entrepreneurial spirit will allow you to express and grow together with us, in the mission to serve our players with the best possible games.

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Lead Artist

We are looking for a Lead Artist to work with the leadership team to define the overall artistic vision of the game and drive the realization of that vision by controlling and overseeing the art production & scope of the Darewise Entertainment lineup.

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Lead Programmer

We are looking for a talented and experienced Programmer who will work closely across disciplines and collaborate with some of the best designers and artists in the world. Our entrepreneurial spirit will allow you to expand and grow together with us, in the mission to serve our players with the best possible games.

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Lead Animator

We are looking for a talented and experienced Lead Animator who will build, mentor and manage the animators’ team, working on bringing characters to life and turning game mechanics into incredible and immersive game experience.

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Game Designer

We are looking for a Game Designer who will work as part of the Design team, hand in hand with the art and programming team to develop some of the most memorable gameplay moments and spaces!

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